Our Founder

Martha Nix Wade

 In seeking personal restoration after facing her ongoing childhood abuse by a church elder/missionary/Sunday School teacher, Martha Nix Wade became impassioned about her healing and the renewal of other “victims.” The books she read seemed to be spoken from the authors’ expertise based in education, instead of personal experience. Instead of wallowing in the “Why me’s,” she answered, “Because I am willing to be vulnerable about my past and present; and desire to use my personal knowledge and experiences to help others cope and heal. I will help protect children with truths that I did not grasp.”
As a child, Martha remained silent, as so many children do, following the code of silence that is embedded with fear and shame of sexual abuse victims. As an adult, a handful of her perpetrator’s “victims” came forward, which ultimately lead to charges being pressed against her perpetrator. A year later, the State Supreme Court ruled against the statute of limitations amendment; prosecuting attorneys were forced to drop the charges; and courts were forced to release countless perpetrators whose “victims” held onto their secrets into adulthood “too long”; including Martha’s perpetrator.
Her passion is to heighten the awareness of child molestation, a taboo subject many run from as the victims are punished more than the criminals when they decide to come forward. The public needs to be more educated on how to protect our children, and kids need to be empowered to courageously build bold boundaries and fight back with truth.